1- Crimson Seedles – Seedless table grapes.

The crimson grape is a variety of red apirena grape (seedless).

This variety was obtained in California from the crossing of Emperor and C33-199.

2- Crimson Seedles Clusters:

The bunch is medium, conical and compact.

3- Berries:

The grains are elliptical in shape and of medium size.

The skin is thick and red in color.

The berries have crisp pulp with a neutral and very sweet flavor.

  • Color: Red.
  • Shape:  Elliptical.
  • Caliber: Medium, ranges from 17 – 22 mm.
  • º Brix: 18.
  • Flavor: Neutral, very sweet.
  • Pulp: Crunchy.
  • Skin: Thick.

4- Strains:

Crimson seedless grape strains are very vigorous.

They are very productive.

5- Agricultural characteristics and adaptation to the viticultural environment:

  • Variety very sensitive to  powdery mildew
  • Very good resistance to handling, transport and cold storage.
  • Improves with clusters thinning.
  • Responds well to the use of gibberellic acid.
  • The use of Ethephón in the veraison improves the color.
  • Vine and trellis conduction.

6- Phenology of crimson seedles:



Sprouting Date:

2nd decade of March.

Maturation Date:

2nd decade of August.


Until 2nd week of November.

  • Fertility:  High.
  • Production:  High.
  • Vigor:  Very high.

7- Conduction: Parral and trellis.

The primary problem associated with its production is insufficient berry color.

Also the small size of the berry is a problem.

Unfortunately, cultural practices that increase its production and the size of the berry lead to a reduction in its color.

The Crimson Seedless grape is very sensitive to hatred.

It is a very well received variety in the market.

8- Skills and Uses 

Very good plant resistance, handling, transport and cold storage.

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