In celebrations as important as weddings you have to have everything “well tied”. Even the smallest detail counts. And, how could it be otherwise, the choice of wine that will preside over all the tables at the banquet is crucial.

That is the reason that drives restaurants and wineries to have wine bars , which ensure the good conservation of the wine that will be served at weddings and other celebrations.

Tips when choosing wine for a wedding

Here are some useful tips that will help ensure that the choice of wine for a wedding does not turn into a nightmare. Take note!

  1. How many bottles will it take? The fear of looking bad because all the bottles of wine have been consumed is combined with the fear of buying too many, and that there will end up having many more than what has been drunk. To avoid this type of situation, the number of guests is usually divided by 2.15. The result of this operation will give the approximate number of bottles of wine that you should have at the wedding.
  2. Taking risks with unknown or very intense wines is not worth it : first of all, we must think about the wedding attendees: the mother-in-law, brothers-in-law, lifelong neighbors, close friends … In short, very different people and with very varied tastes. Therefore, it is better that you opt for a well-known, simple wine that is easy to drink. Only then will you have full guarantees that the majority will like it!
  3. The food, key to choosing the wine : before choosing the wine, you should take a look at all the dishes that will be served at the wedding ceremony. And it is that the pairing is key to enhance the flavor of both food and wine. And you already know that there are wines that cannot be mixed with a certain type of food …
  4. Wine experts often advise kicking off a wedding reception with a fruity white or sensational rosé for the reception . Later, when the lunch or dinner dishes begin to be served properly, it is a good idea to continue with some reserve or crianza wine . So you’re sure to hit the mark!

The secret behind the wine served at weddings

The restaurants that offer the possibility of celebrating weddings are aware of the importance of keeping the wine in optimal conditions before serving it on the tables .

Thanks to the use of large wine cellars , restaurants guarantee that the wines will retain all their properties and nutrients . Therefore, the pleasure of drinking a wine in its full essence is ensured .

Because a wedding is more than enough reason to squeeze the essence of a good wine to the fullest, right?

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