Not owning a wine cellar . Having gone to buy a wine and being faced with the situation of having to serve it almost immediately for a dinner with some friends at your house. Has it ever happened to you?

If so, you will understand that this situation belongs to that list of “swallow me earth” that we all have. Situations that end up becoming anecdotes, but that at the moment generate great stress.

Do you want to know how to chill a bottle of wine in 15 minutes? If so, you can’t miss this article!


Chilling wine in the freezer: is it a good habit?

The first thing to know is that the temperature at which a wine should be served depends on its variety . For example, a white wine should be served colder than a red wine, which does not require such low temperatures to enjoy it to the fullest.

Surely, when raising the question of how to quickly chill a bottle of wine, most respond by saying that the bottle will have to be put in the freezer. However, that answer is completely wrong. Why?

Because by putting the wine in direct contact with such low temperatures (frozen temperatures) there is the possibility that the wine will oxidize or dilute . In other words, and as has been proven: chilling wine in a freezer spoils it, changes its aroma and can alter its properties.

The optimal way to chill wine almost instantly

If the idea of ​​putting wine in the freezer doesn’t work, why not put the wine in the fridge to chill ? That’s a clever answer, but if we have a few minutes to chill the wine, it won’t work for us either .

So to get out of the mess of having to chill a bottle of wine in a quarter of an hour, and become a good host at your dinners , we suggest something better.

Take a pot or any other container that is metallic, put very cold water and an ice cube. Next, add about 3 tablespoons of salt. And, of course, the key is in the salt, which reduces the freezing temperature of the water. Try it and you will see that in a quarter of an hour your wine bottles will be cold!

Now you know which is the most effective method to chill wine bottles in less than a quarter of an hour. However, as has always been said, prevention is better than cure.

And that is precisely one of the greatest convictions of Vitempus. That is why we offer on our website a wide catalog of wine cabinets, of various sizes and styles .

With them you can keep the wines at their proper temperature and avoid those uncomfortable situations of not knowing what to do when you need your wine to be cold to serve it in a small amount of time.

Bet on quality and safety, because good wine deserves it!

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

My name is Dr. Sofia Seccombe, and in this small section, I want to tell you who I am and why I started this project. I don't want to bore you, but I consider that it is an important part of godlywine. It serves as an exercise in transparency so that the person who reads the articles can be sure that the information is reliable.

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