1- Chenin Blanc

It is a variety of French origin from the Loire Valley.

2- Characteristics of the Chenin Blanc grape.


Medium to large in size, very compact and with a short peduncle.


Small of uniform size, with yellowish-green epidermis with very visible lenticels and a lot of sheen.

With circular elliptical section and difficult to detach from the pedicel, with skin of medium thickness.

Unpigmented pulp  , very soft and juicy, without particular flavors.


Of high vigor and drooping or slightly erect bearing, with high fertility so it adapts well to pruning with short thumbs.

3-  Agronomic characteristics of Chenin Blanc and adaptation to the viticultural environment

-It is a very sensitive variety   to wood fungi, especially to euthypia, also sensitive to powdery mildew, cluster moth and gray rot, very sensitive to mites. Not very sensitive to mildew and black rot.

-It is very sensitive to   spring frosts since it overflows very early and sprouting after frosts is not fruitful.

-Tolerates drought quite well  .

-Grafting on  SO4 and 44-53 Ml standards should be avoided  .

-There are five  commercial clones  with good production and very high qualitative potential.

-It is of   variable production .

4- Oenological potential of chenin blanc

-The white chenin produces   very acid musts , which do not ripen well if they do not complete their complete vegetative cycle, which is very long.

-This must recalls the aroma of fresh cheese, which if it undergoes malolactic fermentation passes to aromas like butter that are more pleasant.

-If it ripens properly and although it maintains high acidity, it has  aromas  of apple, apricot, hazelnut and marzipan, giving interesting wines.

-It is  suitable  for acid sparkling wines.

Maybe give  wines  dry very fruity, but always recalling ripe fruit but not passed. These dried are soft and fresh.

-The Chenin Blanc accepts aging in  wood well .

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