1- Grape Chasselas

The Chasselas Grape is a variety of double aptitude both for fresh consumption at the table, and for the production of highly aromatic white wines.

It is the variety of Swiss white wine

2- Origin

According to Pierre Galet it is a variety of Swiss origin.

3- Synonyms

Chasselas is also known for:

Bela zlahtnina (Slovenia), Chasselas blanc (Germany), Chasselas dorato B (Italy), Chasselas doré (Romania), Chrupka bila (Czech Rep.), Fehér Chasselas (Hungary), Fendant (Germany), Gutedel (Czech Rep., Austria, Germany) and Weisser Gutedel (Germany).

4- Growing Zones

The Chasselas variety is grown in the following countries:

Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, France, Portugal, New Zealand and Turkey where it is mainly used for fresh consumption.

5- Characteristics of the Chasselas grape


– Medium to small bunch size.

– Cylindrical and short clusters. Very uniform.


– Medium to large size.

– Hollejo up.

– Very sensitive to friction.

– Yellowish green color.

– Circular section and profile.

– The skin turns golden when ripe.

– Partially pink, very juicy pulp.


– Strains of medium vigor.

– Short internodes.

– Precocious maturation.

6- Chasselas grape phenology

Dates on average of 50 years in test farm located in France:

Bud break: March 21. Early.

Ripening: August 14. Very early.

7- Characteristics of the Chasselas strains

– Very productive vine variety .

– It can be conducted both in long and short pruning.

– Very sensitive to frost.

– Sensitive to mildew and powdery mildew.

– Not very sensitive to brotitis.

– Sensitive to acid rot.

– Sensitive to the lack of Magensio.

8- Winemaking and fresh consumption potential of the Chasselas grape

– Both the bunches and the berries are small.

– Fine skin and juicy pulp with a very pleasant flavor.

– Capable of light wines with low acidity and intense fruit aromas .

– As a table grape it is very aromatic and sweet.

– Good aptitude for transport and very long shelf life.

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