Air-conditioned wine cellars or cellars are ideal for storing wine bottles, keeping it fresh and in optimal storage conditions for a long time. If you like collecting wines, remember that wine gains value over time .

Now, if you are a lover of this drink, like us, nothing better than acquiring a wine cellar with a capacity of up to 8 bottles so that you can satisfy your whims, more gourmets.

Wine coolers capacity: 8 to 100 bottles

There are a great variety of measures and sizes of wine cellars. Among which are: wine cellars with a capacity to store 8 to 16 bottles, 16 to 50 bottles, and 50 to 100 bottles . And much more…

Each type of wine cellar has different special characteristics, designed with the aim of preserving the wine in the best possible conditions . So depending on the number of bottles, it will have one or other technical elements.

So, apart from the wine cooler or wine fridge, it would be interesting to buy some complementary product to get the most out of the bottle . Enjoying wine is a real pleasure, so we must not skimp on practical, elegant and reusable solutions, such as decanters to oxygenate wine .

What is a wine cellar worth

Wine cellars can vary according to their brand and the number of wines they house. In this way, a wine cellar for home use can cost between € 70 and € 500 .

In the case of buying a wine cellar for a restaurant or winery, it is understood that its performance and use will be much higher. It is for this reason that its characteristics are much more powerful and studied. Since the wine that is deposited, surely, will be of great value. That is why we can find wine cellars for restaurants between 300 (for a very limited use) up to € 1,000 .

At Vitempus we love wine as much as you and your business. That is why we offer discounts adaptable to the needs of each person, be it a businessman or a private individual.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are sure that we will find in our wide catalog of wine cabinets a storage solution tailored to your needs.

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