1- Pardillo

2- Synonyms

Pardilla, Parda, Marisancho.

3- Clusters

Medium to small size.

Very compact and uniform, with a very short peduncle and well lignified.

4- Berries

Medium in size, difficult to detach from its pedicel.

Fine skins, yellow-green in color, tending to golden, almost brown when ripe, with a lot of bloom.

Pulp not colored, soft and very juicy, without special flavors but very sweet.

5- Strains

Medium vigor and lying down, late blooming and very late maturation.

Very high fertility and medium production.

Agronomic behavior

Good resistance to drought.

Not very demanding on the ground.

Sensitive to brotitis and powdery mildew.

Insensitive to mildew.

Musts of golden color, medium acidity and weak aromaticity.

Suitable for young and sparkling wines.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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