1- Brancellao

The Brancellao is a variety of vine of Galician origin.

2- Synonyms:

Broncellao, Uva gallega, Brancello, Brencellao, Alvarello Gallego.

3- Clusters:

Medium in size, low or medium compact and homogeneous.

With short peduncle and thick rachis and difficult to lignify.

Difficult to detach from its berries.

4- Berries:

Small in size and ellipsoidal in shape, with a marked navel.

With little homogeneous violet-red epidermis.

With thick dark blue skin and a lot of bloom.

Pulp without pigmentation, of little consistency and quite juicy.

Thick pedicel, short brush, thick bun.

5- Strains:

Brancellao vines are of medium vigor.

The periods of overflow and maturation are late.

Lie down.

6- Agronomically and adaptation to the viticultural environment:

-Modium resistant.

-Sensitive to powdery mildew.

-Sensitive to mites

-Very resistant to botrytis.

7- Oenologically:

-Exclusive use for winemaking.

-Most of high acidity and good sugar content with herbaceous aromas.

-Neutral flavor.

-Use in complementary wines.

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