Boron deficiency in viticulture.

What are the symptoms of Boron deficiency in Vine?

Symptoms begin at the end of the shoots, generally in bloom or a few days before, being confined to the upper third of it.

The young leaves are small, swollen, thicker than normal, and brittle, presenting mosaic-shaped chlorosis. Later, chlorosis progresses and necrosis appears.

In the tintoreras varieties, another manifestation is the intense and uniform red color that the blade acquires in a different arrangement than the lack of magensio. In the shoots, the necrosis of the apex or death of the extremities of the brown or black shoot is typical.

The lack of boron in the bunches produces a strong flower drop and bleed.

Brown spots appear on the berries, and the grains may explode, revealing the seeds.

The conditions for the appearance of these boron deficiency symptoms are:

1- Acid soils and poor in organic matter.

2- Sandy limestone soils and poor in organic matter.

Boron in viticulture: Excess in vineyard. Symptoms and damage:


The symptoms are practically identical to those of deficiency. The leaves show necrosis at the edge, while the rest of them continue to grow, deforming the spoon-shaped leaf.

Other times the symptom is at the ends of the second shoots, whose leaves are collected as reddish tassels. There is an abscission of the leaves. The vines take on the appearance of a broom, with the fruits and leaves falling.

The conditions for the appearance of these symptoms of excess boron are due to too high a contribution of boron, since in nature excess boron in soils is very rare.

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