1- Origin of the Big Perlon variety:

The big perlon variety is a variety obtained in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina, by Mr. A. Gargiulo, by crossing (Almeria x Cardinal) x Perlon.

2- Use of the variety:

It is a variety of table grape for fresh consumption. Apirana without seeds.

3- Characteristics of the Fruit:

– The bunch of the big perlon is large, with a frusto-conical shape, winged and very compact.

– The berry is ellipsoid-oval in shape with bluish-black skin, neutral flavor, and very fat.

– The pulp is crunchy and the skin medium.

– It is an apirena variety, without seed. Seedless table grapes.

4- Phenology of the variety:

The dates indicated come from the study and analysis of reference farms, but may vary depending on the weather.

Budding date: From the last week of February in Malaga until the third week of March in Almería.

Ripening date: From the second week of Julio Cádiz to the fourth week of July in Almeria. In Valencia, the first fortnight of August.

5- Cultivation and viticulture techniques of the big perlon.

It is a variety with medium fertility. Although the fertility is medium, as the bunches and the berries are very fattening, in the end the production is high.

It is a variety with high productions, we can classify them into the High Production varieties .

The vigor of the strain is high. It is a vigorous strain.

Driving supported by a trellis or vine is necessary. Since it is a variety with a lot of vigor, and with high production, in the end it is loaded with a lot of weight and it is advisable to use a support or driving system. The recommended driving supported on trellises or Parral.

It has very compact bunches and requires chemical or manual thinning to obtain good qualities. Excess compactness is often a problem in table grapes. This variety has this characteristic, therefore, to obtain higher quality fruits, chemical thinning that can be done with gibberellic acid is recommended.

It is recommended to carry out treatments to promote uniformity of color. Another characteristic of the variety is that if the strain is very loaded, it costs something to make the color uniform in all the grapes, so we recommend some foliar potassium treatment from the veraison.

6- Aptitudes for sale and transport.

It has good resistance to shelling and holds up well in transport.

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