Denominations of Origin are much more than a label: they are the confirmation that the production of a wine has been carried out according to established standards.

And it is that there is no doubt that the greatest pride for a restaurant, a winery or an individual is to expose wines with recognized prestige in their wine cellars .

In this sense, the one that can provide some information is the International Wine Merchant Awards. This competition has recently made public an important decision: the one considered the best Spanish red wine.

The best red wine of the year according to  the International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards

The International Wine Challenge Awards contest is also known as the “Wine Oscars”. It is a competition with a great world prestige in the wine sector.

This year, the award-winning wine was Secastilla 2012, with Denomination of Origin Somontano.

This is characterized by its aging, which is 10 months in French oak barrels from Allie. The Secastilla 2012 has notes of red fruit and in the mouth it shows an intense flavor, with volume.

It is recommended that Secastilla 2012, the best red wine of the year, be served at a temperature between 16 and 18ºC . Thus, its essence can be exploited in each sip. A temperature that can be achieved with the use of a wine cooler or wine cooler. Which, in addition, can regulate the relative humidity of the wine bottles, to enjoy its maximum expression.

Viñas del Vero, the winery of the best Spanish red wine

The Aragonese winery Viñas del Vero, which takes its name from the river that runs through this region, can proudly say that it is the mother of the best red wine in Spain today. Its foundation dates back to 1986 .

In this winery the different varieties that occur in Somontano are grown: Moristel, Pinot Noir, Macabeo, Tempranillo, Garnacha …

In short, Viñas del Vero is experiencing one of its best moments, thanks to this great recognition.

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