1- Classification of wine aromas:

Wine Aromas

2- Primary aromas:

The primary aromas are those that come from the grape. They come off the surface of the wine and increase if we shake it, this type of aroma is produced by the variety of vine and by the terrain. It is obtained through the nasal route.

Primary aromas in White Vine Varieties:

  1. Chardonnay: hazelnut, butter, strawberry, peach.
  2. Parellada: vine flower, chamomile.
  3. Sauvignon Blanc: currant, mint, tropical fruits.
  4. Macabeo: Grapefruit, apple
  5. Muscat: rose, tuberose, jasmine, muscat.
  6. Riesling: lemon, honey, apricot, acacia, rosemary.

Primary aromas in red vine varieties:

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, currants, green pepper, eucalyptus, tobacco.
  2. Pinot Noir: cherries, violets, strawberries, cassis, currants.
  3. Garnacha: jams, spices (green pepper).
  4. Syrah : wild blackberries, cassis, pepper, bay leaf.
  5. Tempranillo: red berries (raspberries, currants), black plums.
  6. Merlot: Cassis, red berry jam, green pepper.

3- Secondary aromas:

They originate in the fermentation process of wine. They come off on contact with the tongue and when shaken with the mouth, since the temperature of the wine increases, therefore they are obtained via the retronasal route.

  • Fermentation series: yeast, breadcrumbs, britoe, biscuit, pastry, fine pastries …
  • Dairy series: milk, yogurt, fresh butter, fresh cheese, fresh and dry yeast …
  • Amilica series: banana, sour caramel, nail polish, varnish …

4- Tertiary aromas:

  They are developed in the aging or barrel aging phase. (Aromas of the bouquet). Like the secondary ones, they are obtained retronasally.  

Tertiary or aging aromas in white wines:

Floral series: dried flowers, chamomile, heather.

Fruit series: nuts, dried apricot …

Confectionery series: Honey, praline, almond paste, cake, beeswax, striped coconut, dried apricots …

Wood and balsamic series: cedar, oak, white wood, tender wood, vanilla, smoke, toast, pine, resin, eucalyptus, striped coconut, tobacco, smoked …

Tertiary or aging aromas in red wines:

Floral series: understory, truffle, mushrooms, heather.

Fruit series: ripe red and black fruits, in compote, jams and overcooked, dried apricots, apricot, prune, candied cherry, cherry and plum in liquor, figs, figs, black olives.

Spiced wood series: oak, pine, liquorice, burnt wood, tender wood, smoked wood, incense, ash, vanilla, cinnamon, cigar box, varnish, lacquer, resin, eucalyptus, coconut, tobacco.

Animal empireumatic series: cocoa, toast, gingerbread, roasted hazelnuts and almonds, walnuts, coffee, tobacco, meat juice, leather, ink, musk, hair and feather game, animal skin, blood.

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