1- Alphonse Lavallée: Table Grape Varieties.

2- Synonyms:

Alfonso is also known as Royal Roja, Ribier and Roja.

3- Clusters:

Large to medium-sized, low compact, with short peduncle and weak lignification.

With uniform berries in size, but not so much in the color of its skin.

4- Berries:

Large, spherical, circular in section.

Blue-black skin, with a lot of sheen, of medium thickness, with a marked navel or styled scar.

5- Pulp:

Not colored, hard, compact, not very juicy and without particular flavors.

Pedicels short, difficult to detach from their berries, with thick rim, medium-sized seeds.

6- Strains:

  • The alfonso has vines of high vigor, semi-erect bearing.
  • Budding, flowering, poisoning and late ripening, ripening varies from mid-August to early October depending on the growing areas.
  • High fertility, between 1.2 and 2 bunches per shoot.

7- Agronomic and organoleptic characteristics of the alfonso grape variety:

Vigorous and very productive variety.

It may require thinning of its bunches to decrease its compactness and increase the size of its berries. Requires bunch pruning.

Ringing improves the caliber of its berries and their coloring, which becomes more uniform.

Not very sensitive to the cracking of the berries.

Alfonso Lavallée is widely cultivated in the Spanish Levante, both in glass and trellis.

It is a variety resistant to transport, handling, storage and cold preservation.

Particular and pleasant flavor, with high acidity and low sugar content.

It is one of the most visually attractive varieties to the consumer.

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