1- ALEDO Grape: Characteristics and Cultivation.

The Aledo is a variety grown mainly in Alicante, in the Vinolopó valley, where it is grown on a trellis and the bunches are bagged to favor the color, and they are kept until Christmas.

2- Origin:

It is an old Spanish variety, whose genetic origin is not known. Already at the beginning of this century it was cultivated in Aledo, from which it has taken its name. Later, it was cultivated in Alicante, where it has acquired great prestige as a bagged table grape.

3- Synonyms .

Aledo de Navidad, Aledo real, New Cross, Real.

4- Countries in which this variety of vine is produced.

It is present in:

  1. Germany,
  2. Australia,
  3. Austria,
  4. Bulgaria,
  5. Spain,
  6. France,
  7. Greece,
  8. Italy,
  9. Portugal,
  10. South Africa.

5- Characteristics of the aledo grape:

  • The racemes are large and loose, with long peduncles and pedicels.
  • The grain is ellipsoidal, yellow-green in color.
  • Thick and crispy skin.
  • Soft pulp.
  • Ripening is late, from the end of October to December.

Type . With seed.

Station .Late.

Behavior :

Budding date . March 24.

Flowering date . May 17.

Greening date . August 10.

Ripening date . September 19.

Leaf fall date . November 27.

Sugar content º Bé . 9.

Total acidity (gr/l en tartaric) . 6.

Baya .

Golden yellow.

Forma.Oval a elipsoidal.

Size . Medium to large.

.Neutral flavor .

Pulp Semi-crisp to fleshy.

Skin .Medium and slightly pruinous.

Cluster .

Medium to large, cylindrical conical, winged and loose to semi-loose.

High fertility .

Production .Very high.

Vigor. Very high.

6- Type of Driving .

Aledo grapes are generally trellised.

7- Poda .

The type of pruning most used in this variety is double cord pruning, with 2-bud thumbs. Short pruning. 3-4 yolks

8- Special techniques .

To avoid sun hits and favor the development of color, the bunches are bagged at the beginning of the veraison and are kept that way until the harvest.

9- Aptitude .

It keeps well on the plant and is resistant to transport.

It is highly appreciated for its late harvest, for its natural characteristics of flavor and beauty, as well as for its peculiar system of cultivation in paper bags, which allow the grape to be kept in the vine itself until consumption without the need to go through conservation in cold rooms.

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