1- Albillo white grape variety

Originally from Castilla y León, the albillo has a high variability and includes at least two different groups, the Albillo Mayor and the Albillo Real, which differ mainly by their adult leaves and the size of their strains.

2- Synonyms

Albillo is also known by one of the following names:

Turruntes, Torrontes.

3- Characteristics of the grape

The main morphological characteristics of this variety are described below.


The racemes are small, short, of high or medium compactness, with a very short and fairly uniform peduncle. Berries with difficult detachment from their peduncle.


The berries are medium to small in size, yellowish green epidermis that turns pale golden when ripe, spherical in section.

With fine skin.
Uncolored pulp, very soft and juicy.


Albillo Mayor: very vigorous and erect.
Albillo Real: little vigorous and creeping bearing.

4- Agronomic characteristics and adaptation to the viticultural environment

The agronomic characteristics of this variety are described below:

-Both groups of plant materials are overflowing and early maturing, so they are sensitive to frost.

-Both are sensitive to powdery mildew.

-Little sensitive to mildew.

-Not sensitive to botrytis.

-They require long pruning because they are of low fertility and with medium to low productivity, which is why they require long pruning.

5- Oenological potential of your wines

These grapes give very fruity and sweet straw yellow musts, with medium to low acidity.

Variety capable of producing dense, well-structured wines with a certain bitter but pleasant aftertaste.

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