1- Albariño

2- Origin

The Albariño variety is of Galician origin. Grown mainly in Pontevedra. Very fertile and productive.

3- Characteristics of Albariño grapes


Small, of medium to high compactness with short peduncle.


Small and circular, of uniform size, with very soft and delicate skin but with thick skin and pale yellowish green color when ripe, with abundant bloom.
With soft pulp , very juicy and without pigmentation, with peculiar flavor and aromas and intense floral characteristics.


With high vigor and semi-erect bearing with high fertility, early flowering and mid-season maturation.

4- Characteristics of the Albariño strains:

  1. Albariño requires long and supported pruning .
  2. It requires fresh soils and long pruning to achieve good productions.
  3. A trellis or vine conduction system is recommended .
  4. Not very sensitive to botrytis, quite resistant to mildew, not very tolerant to powdery mildew and drought.

5- Oenological potential of Albariño wines:

  1. It produces greenish musts that, when transformed into wine, give pale yellow colors with very light greenish tones.
  2. Its wines are extraordinarily aromatic , floral and fruity; very fresh in its beginnings, when it evolves, it gives nuances reminiscent of ripe apple and even caramel.
  3. They are creamy , fresh, with high to medium acidity, but they keep very well.
  4. The exotic and evocative bouquet of the Albariño cannot be avoided in comparison with the Gwürztraminer.
  5. It produces high quality fruits with which monovarietal and complementary wines are made.
  6. Medium-high alcoholic graduation , with notable acidity.
  7. Great aromatic potential with sometimes floral nuances.
  8. It has an excellent overall oenological quality .

6- Albariño wine tasting

In sight

Clean, bright lemon yellow color with greenish reflections


Medium intensity with ripe citrus notes.

Floral notes: jasmine, orange blossom and herbaceous backgrounds.

In mouth

Enveloping, fresh and balanced.

The aftertaste is reminiscent of ripe citrus fruit.

7- Albariño pairing

Albariño pairs very well with light meals that do not have very intense flavors.

  • Galician octopus and seafood are the perfect tandem.
  • Meats: it is an ideal wine for not very intense white meats.
  • Fish: such as turbot, cod, tuna, hake or cod.
  • Cheeses: preferably with soft cheeses like cheese from Burgos.
  • Rice: perfect for soupy rice or fish rice.
  • It pairs very well with oriental food such as sushi, sashimi or tataki.
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