Until not long ago, Galicia was a tourist destination for its gastronomy, its culture, its beaches and its emblematic buildings, such as the Cathedral of Santiago. But now, this list is increasing, and it can already be said that Galicia, and more specifically the Rías Baixas, is a must for wine lovers.

And the jewel in the crown could not be another: the Albariño captures the attention of wine lovers, local people and the curious. This Denomination of Origin wine is on the rise, but its flavor is as sophisticated as its preservation. And that explains why owning a wine cellar is important if you are an Albariño lover.

How to preserve Albariño bottles in order to keep all their properties intact?

The Rías Baixas wine route receives more than 100,000 visits a year

Wine tourism is a “trending topic” in Spain. This is confirmed by the latest analyzes and studies carried out by various associations. In 2016 it grew by 21% and its economic impact has now risen to 54 million euros.

And in this sense, Galicia is celebrating. A study by the Spanish Association of Wine Cities establishes that the DO del Albariño is today the second favorite destination for wine tourism , a position it shares with the DO Rioja Alta.

Year after year, the influx of people who travel the Rías Baixas wine route increases by almost 15% . A not inconsiderable figure that shows the excellent moment that the Albariño is going through.

With more than 100,000 visits a year, the DO Rías Baixas stands as the seventh most popular wine route in our country . But the south of Galicia not only has the appeal of Albariño, but its strong gastronomic and cultural component corroborate an unprecedented triumph in the world of wine tourism.

How to preserve the Albariño?

Albariño is a variety of white wine with Denomination of Origin in the Rías Baixas. It is characterized by its fruity aroma and its refreshing taste,  with wide nuances. Likewise, the Albariño is a claim to pair seafood, all kinds of fish and white meat.

The Albariña grape variety has a great production of sugars . Its alcohol content, which is usually between 12 and 13 degrees, is quite high when compared to other varieties of white wine. It also has a noticeable acidity.

The ideal temperature at which Albariño wine should be stored is between 9 and 11 degrees. Restaurants and wineries are aware of the importance of having wine cellars to guarantee the preservation of the properties and flavor of a wine as particular as Albariño.

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Because an Albariño must be preserved as it deserves!

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