Airén is the most widespread variety in Spain, not only in surface area but also in production, surpassing other varieties such as Tempranillo or Garnacha. It is found mainly in the central region of Spain, in Castilla La Mancha.

1- Airen

The Airén variety ( 213,397 hectares ) represents 23% of the total area of the existing vineyard in our country and represents half of the total area of ​​white grapes planted in Spain.

In Spain we have the highest concentration of planted vineyards in the world and this is located in Castilla La Mancha and is made up mainly of the Airen variety.

According to the records, the airén grape variety is the largest variety of white grape planted in Spain, occupying approximately one third of the Spanish vineyard.

2- Sinonimias del airén

Airen is also known by: Manchega, Lairén, Valdepeñera and Forcayat.

3- Characteristics of the airen grape


Its clusters are large to very large, of medium to high compactness, with a very short peduncle.


The berries are medium in size, uniform, with a yellowish green epidermis and a spherical shape with thick skin and a lot of bloom.


Not colored and quite soft when ripe, juicy, with a light and fruity flavor.

Strains of the airen:

The vines are vigorous, lying down or creeping. High production. Its sprouting and maturation are late or very late.

4- Adaptation to the viticultural agronomic environment

  1. Airen is a variety that is quite resistant to drought, so it adapts well to the dry continental climate of La Mancha from where it originates and where its main growing area is located.
  2. Adapted to poor and not very fertile soils .
  3. Quite tolerant to the most common pests and diseases in continental areas.
  4. Very resistant to pests and diseases, making it a variety that can be used for organic vine cultivation.
  5. The most widely used type of conduction is the traditional open stem or glass .
  6. Currently, they are trellising due to the mechanization of the vineyard.

5- Aromatic and oenological characterization of Airen wines

  1. The Airen variety gives pale yellow musts . If the wines are made with care, they keep the green reflections.
  2. Its musts and young wines have fruity aromas of medium intensity, with certain notes of ripe fruit.
  3. Its secondary aromas , after its initial evolution, are reminiscent of bananas and citrus fruits, especially grapefruit, but maintaining very fresh vegetable aromas.
  4. The wines are generally not very complex.
  5. It produces slightly aromatic wines with low acidity, pale yellow and full-bodied. It is a very neutral variety and is therefore used for blending wines.
  6. Currently, the first monovarietals of this variety are being produced.
  7. Variety with few aromas , but which are enhanced by cold brewing and controlling fermentation, achieving interesting aromas of grass and green fruit.
  8. With very little acidity and good alcohol content.
  9. These whites oxidize very easily and can easily give off reduced aromas if the wine is not consumed young.

If you have an interesting Airen wine, you can submit it to the Airenes around the world competition .

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