The world of wine looks with concern at the evolution of global warming, due to its adverse effects on the production and subsequent maintenance of wine. And it is that the inexorable increase in temperatures on the planet is affecting, specifically, the acidity, the color of the wine and even its flavor.

Why is acquiring a wine cellar so important in a world where the average temperature increases year after year?

The heat has a direct effect on the wine

High temperatures are having great effects on the behavior of plants. And if we move to the wine sector, one of the consequences that climate change brings with it is the advance of the harvests . For example, this year, it has been nearly ten days ahead . Indeed, grapes, like other fruits, are especially sensitive to temperature.

In this sense, just a few degrees too much can turn the acids in grapes into sugars . And not only that, but it also raises the alcohol content.

Likewise, anthocyanin, which is the pigment that gives wine its characteristic reddish color, has been reduced due to the rise in global temperatures .

Other Mediterranean countries, such as Portugal, Italy or Greece are also seeing the effect of the increase in temperature on the production of their wines .

Faced with this problem, some solutions are already being considered. For example, some wineries, as a preventive measure, are buying land further north, to move their vineyards to colder areas , and thus be able to preserve the essence of their wines .

Wine cellars, increasingly necessary to preserve wine

The general rise in temperatures is a problem that has also affected homes. Air conditioners have gone from being a luxury to a necessity. This phenomenon  complicates, at the same time, the conservation of wine  in  wineries, restaurants and homes.

And it is that maintaining a fresh and constant temperature is an essential requirement so that the wines can preserve their properties . It is, without a doubt, a sine qua non condition so that the palate can taste each one of its peculiar notes of its flavor. Whether you have a winery or a restaurant, or at a private level, owning a wine cellar is essential for the wine to preserve all its components . And it is that the wine coolers allow the electronic regulation of the temperature and the relative humidity of the wines . And not only that, but they protect wine bottles against light rays and ultraviolet radiation .

Do you also want your wines to maintain their flavor and essence? Take a look at our wine cellar catalog ! Don’t let climate change slow down your passion for wine!

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