1- Portainjertos 99 Richter

2- Denomination

99 R

3- Breeder

Franz Richter

4- Year of obtaining


5- Genetic origin

It comes from the cross of Vitis berlandieri cv. Las Sorres and Vitis rupestris cv. Lot

6- Resistance to soil parasites

99 R offers a high degree of tolerance to root phylloxera .

Its resistance to the nematodes Meloidogyne hapla is good but medium resistance to Meloidogyne incognita and Meloidogyne arenaria.

7- Adaptation to the wine environment

  • Pattern 99 R resists up to 25% total limestone and 14% active lime and has an IPC 20.
  • Its resistance to drought ranges from medium to strong.
  • It is  sensitive to the acidity of the soils and the excess of chlorides.

8- Interaction with the variety and objectives of viticultural production

  • It has a good affinity with grafts.
  • The vigor transmitted by the rootstock 99 R is strong.
  • This pattern has a tendency to delay the vegetative cycle .
  • The first development of plants is quite slow.
  • The clones selected from the pattern 99 Richter are: 96, 150, 162, 178, 179, 223 and 754.

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