1- Vineyard Patterns: 41 B

It is one of the classic patterns , due to its great adaptation to limestone soils . Today it is being replaced by RU 140. It is a good rootstock for virgin soils.

2- Usual name

41 B

3- Obtentores

Alexis Millardet and Charles Grasset

4- Year of obtaining


5- Resistance to soil parasites

The tolerance degree of 41 B to root phylloxera ranges from medium to high.

In certain places it is sensitive to the nematodes Meloidogyne incognita, Meloidogyne arenaria and Meloidogyne hapla and appears sensitive to Agrobacterium vitis.

6- Adaptation to the environment

41 B is characterized by its adaptation to calcareous soils and its resistance to chlorosis.

  • Resists up to 60% total limestone and up to 40% active limestone. CPI 60.
  • It absorbs magnesium well from the soil.
  • It has a medium vigor and its root system is composed of thick, few and fleshy roots.
  • It is sensitive to excess moisture in the subsoil in spring and its resistance to drought is medium-high.
  • It is poorly adapted to very compact soils. 

7- Interaction with the variety and production objectives

  • The vigor that 41 B transfers to the grafts is medium-strong.
  • It has a very good affinity with most varieties.
  • At times it has presented affinity problems with Merlot and Pinot Noir, although it continues to graft a lot with these varieties.
  • The start of the plantation is quite slow. Presents latitude in the first years , but once anchored in the field it induces a great production.
  • The 41 B favors the compactness of the grapes.
  • It has a tendency to delay the vegetative cycle and compared to other rootstocks, the grapes obtained are rich in sugars and slightly more acidic. 

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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