1- Genetic origin 333 EM

333 EM: Vitis Vinifera L., Cabernet Sauvignon x Vitis berlandieri Planchon.

Clonal pattern of French origin.

2- Strains

With good development of roots that deepen well and have a great capacity for soil colonization.

High vigor.

Slowly developing.


Semi-open, reddish, with medium hairiness.


With reddish knots and red-streaked internodes, medium hairiness, with low density of lying hairs.

Intense red buds.

Vine shoots

Dark brown.

Very evident fluted section.

Young leaves

The young leaves have very high anthocyanin pigmentation that gives them an intense red color.

With high density of hair lying both on the upper side and on the underside.

With red petioles.

Adult Leaves

The rootstock 333 EM leaves have five perfectly defined lobes, pentagonal in shape and medium size.

With petiolar sinus in semi-closed lyre.

With deep and wide foliar lobes. With teeth, at least in the upper sinuses, deep down. Their lobes may slightly overlap.

Top very dark green and very puffy with the beginning of the main veins reddish.

Underside of medium hairiness with pigmented nerves.

Petiole slightly shorter than the main vein, pigmented in violet red, thick and very hairy.

Short, wide teeth with convex sides.

3- Agronomic characteristics of 333 EM

  • Resistant to limestone, it tolerates 42-45% active limestone and up to 70 CPI.
  • It is one of the vine rootstocks most resistant to limestone in soil. It is only surpassed by the RU-140 and the Fercal.
  • It withstands drought well .
  • With growth very well adapted to compact and very warm soils.
  • Sensitivity to salinity.
  • Withstands soil moisture and even temporary flooding.
  • It delays the entry into production as it has a very slow initial development.
  • Induces grain runoff in some varieties.

4- Nursery behavior 333 EM

It produces very little wood.

It has a good grip.

Its rooting is not adequate, but once established it is a very resistant pattern.

Dr. Sofia Seccombe

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