1- Portainjertos de Vid. 3309 Couderc

2- Usual name of the rootstock

3309 Couderc – 3309 C

3- Breeder

Georges couderc

4- Year of obtaining


5- Genetic origin

Cross between the varieties of Vitis riparia and Vitis rupestris cv. Martin.

6- Resistance to soil parasites

The 3309 C rootstock offers a good degree of tolerance to root phylloxera but is sensitive to nematodes such as Meloidogyne arenaria and Meloidogyne incognita.

It has a certain degree of tolerance to Agrobacterium vitis.

7- Adaptation to the environment

  • The degree of tolerance to chlorosis of 3309 C is low to medium.
  • It is resistant up to 20% total limestone and up to 11% active limestone, of IPC 10.
  • It has a good behavior in acidic soils.
  • 3309 C is sensitive to water stress , especially when it occurs abruptly during the vegetative cycle.
  • 3309 C absorbs magnesium very easily but not potassium.
  • This rootstock is extremely sensitive to chlorides and should be avoided when there is a risk of salinity.
  • 3309 C adapts well to deep, sandy, clayey, more or less calcareous and humid soils.

8- Interaction with the variety and production objectives

  • 3309 C has a good affinity with grafts, however there have also been affinity problems in grafts such as Cabernet-Sauvignon N, Chenin B, Dattier de Beyrouth B, Pineau d’Aunis N, Syrah N and especially with Sauvignon B.
  • Some of these varieties are grafted in large quantities with 3309 C.
  • The development and fruiting rate conferred by 3309 C is a bit slow.
  • The vegetative development achieved is balanced, especially if the fertility of the agricultural soil is not too high.
  • 3309 C promotes the production of fruits of grape varieties susceptible to coloration phenomena.
  • The vine grafts with the plants grafted on this pattern are of recognized quality in viticulture.
  • The sets made are with Cabernet franc N, Cabernet-Sauvignon N, Chardonnay B, Colombard B, Fer N, Gamay N, Gros Manseng B, Melon B, Merlot N, Petit Manseng B, Pinot noir N, Sauvignon B, Semillon B, Riesling B, Syrah N, and Tannat N, are particularly appreciated.
  • The clones selected from the 3309 C pattern are: 8, 111, 143, 144, 147, 173, 188 and 189.

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