Today, travel guides have a very recurring theme, a great ally, due to the audience it attracts: wine tourism.

In this way, the wineries and restaurants that belong to this sector strive to offer the best service. In this way, wine coolers  are the perfect allies to serve wine at its proper temperature and with the guarantee that its properties remain intact.

Wine tourism is a growing trend worldwide. And we wonder, if Phileas Fogg were a wine lover and decided to go around the world today, what wines would he find?

10 of the best wines internationally

The great diversity of wines that exists in the world can be seen reflected in the following list:

  1. Galpin Peak Pinot Noir, from South Africa : This African country has vineyards that are considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco . One of its wines stands out, the Galpin Peak Pinot Noir, with its floral aromas and exceptional flavor.
  2. Cento Uve 2005, Italy : this wine is made, neither more nor nor less, than with 152 different types of grapes. And although it may seem surprising, it  manages to have a balanced and unique flavor.
  3. Spirit with Gold Foils, Germany : Without a doubt, this is a wine that makes a difference: it has edible 23 karat gold foils. Don’t you want to try a glass of this luxurious wine?
  4. Prova Regia, Italy : This white wine should be served at a temperature around 10º. It stands out that, for its fermentation, it needs stainless steel tanks, and this process usually takes about 10 months.
  5. Sorella, United States : its intense red reveals the exceptional nature of this North American wine. With notes of eucalyptus and wood, its flavor does not leave anyone indifferent. The grapes with which it is made come from vineyards that are more than 30 years old.
  6. Bouza Tannat A6, Uruguay : this Uruguayan wine is made 100% with the grape variety known as Tannat. It has an intense purple color and its liquorice aroma stands out, as well as its touch of quince.
  7. Queulat Carmener Gran Reserva, Chile : an elegant wine with a lot of personality, aged in full French barrels. The balance of its flavor stands out: fruity and woody at the same time.
  8. Andeluna Malbec, Argentina : the Tupungato vineyards, which are more than 1000 meters high, are in charge of creating the grapes that will be used to produce this Argentine wine.
  9. Champagne Lacombe Rosé, France : An idyllic pink color, this wine has subtle aromas of cassis and raspberry.
  10. Spy Valley, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand : the grapes with which this prestigious wine is made have been grown on very stony soils and located very close to the river.


In short, whether in the European, American or any other continent: the conservation of your wines is essential to guarantee an excellent tasting. Wine coolers are programmable wine coolers. Its main function is to keep wine bottles at the desired temperature and humidity level.

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