wine cellar is much more than a discreet place to store bottles of wine. It is a small refrigerator designed with the latest technology to preserve top quality liquid products .

Whether it is to keep a personal collection or to delight guests with the best imports at our gatherings of friends and family , there are plenty of reasons why every home should have a wine fridge . As small as it was.

Why store wine bottles in a wine cellar?

Among the advantages of having a wine cellar, the main highlight is being able to place the bottles in a horizontal position. This allows to keep the cork moist, thus avoiding the deterioration of the components of the drink . In addition to protecting it from other phenomena, such as light, temperature and vibrations.

Wine cellars allow you to store all kinds of wine in a comfortable and simple way. The reduced dimensions of this appliance provide the contents of the bottle with optimal conditions of conservation. And it is that each model of wine cellar meets certain specific requirements.

We could say that it is a refrigerator cabinet, which preserves your wine properly thanks to a powerful refrigeration system. Which is controlled with a thermostat.

So they are ideal, not only because of their custom dimensions, but also because they keep the area cool and with the right degree of cooling for the wine .

Everything a wine cellar offers in your home

Among the characteristics of a wine cellar, there are 10 that will convince you. Why do you need one at home:

  1. Protects the wine from ultraviolet radiation
  2. Maintains relative humidity
  3. Prevents the appearance of bacteria
  4. Avoid bad smells
  5. It has an anti-vibration system
  6. Optimize bottle storage
  7. Allows wine bottles to be aged
  8. Protect the quality of the wine for a long time
  9. Regulates the room temperature
  10. Preserves the taste of the wine as the first day

Do you still lack reasons to buy a wine cellar online ? Don’t think twice and buy your wine fridge today. We are sure we have a wine cellar for you!

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